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Teaching Methodology



1.            The school imparts education in the K.G. Primary, Matric and Higher secondary sections Recognized by the Government of Tamilnadu. The School is well equipped with Library and science laboratories.

2.            The  institution  nurtures  the  growth  of  social  equality, cultural values and civic consciousness to produce men and women of sterling character, integrity, thought and personality.

3.            Our goal is to promote our children in the best possible environment, develop the sense of observation, healthy habits and ensure emotional integration in them.

4.            Co-operation between the parent and the teacher is the pivot  around  which  the  Jawahar  Education  system  revolves. Such unstained Co-operation facilities a well-balanced, development of the child.

5.            The syllabus is so devised as to lead the child to discover, judge and decide things for himself. The method "Learning by doing" makes studies not an ordeal task to be completed but a pleasant experience to be lived. It develops a personal healthy relationship between the teacher and the children. In this informal homely atmosphere the child grows in a climate of care and affection.

6.            Individual attention is paid to each and every child. Daily home work  is carefully corrected. Monthly tests are held and suggestions for the child's further progress are regularly intimated to the parents through SMS.


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